This project will explore the proposed option for SASLI to act as ‘Quality Assurance and Accreditation’ body for training centres providing professional development activities to enhance language and communication professionals’ knowledge and skills.

This review will in addition develop approaches and means to promote awareness among the Deaf and Deafblind communities of the National Occupational Standards.


The principal task will be to carry out a review of the potential role of SASLI as ‘Quality Assurance/Accreditation’ body, which will include:

Exploration of the concept of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) including overseeing, regulating and ratifying CPD under guidance of National Occupational Standards

Exploration of possibility for SASLI to become Quality Assurance / Accreditation body for professional development training provision to increase accountability on training providers to ensure training provision for language and communication support professionals meets the recommendations of National Occupational

• Development of mechanisms for SASLI to ratify CPD training sessions and activities

• Development of approaches and means to make National Occupational Standards principles more transparent for deaf and deafblind people

• Development of mechanisms to increase accountability to incorporate the principles of National Occupational Standards in policy and practice across the board

• Communicate with the Organisational Review consultant to ensure professional development recommendations fit with the organisational review recommendations

• Publication of the findings and recommendations from the review. Consultations with SASLI members, staff and Board of Trustees as well as external stakeholders will be required.